I borrowed this phrase from the recently deceased Canadian painter Robert Genn who believed that there is only so much we can learn about how to paint from the many fine instructors and resources available today. The true learning comes from going off on our own and just doing it - Go to your room!

I have had the good fortune to take instruction from outstanding artists in Canada and the USA. I continue to work on my own development ( Going to MY room!) . I share, through this blog and workshops, what I have learned and what others have shared with me.

I created this blog primarily for those attending my workshops to keep in touch and to further share as we grow together. If others are interested in following that would be great.

Enjoy the journey.

Saturday 27 October 2012

The End of Colour

Summer is over. Fall colours are here ( as much as they can be on the West Coast). Now those colours are pretty much over. So I snuck out as much as I could this past week and banged off a number of small pieces. Now its rain rain rain - and the colours are on the  ground. Glad I went out.

Worked mostly in ws oils on either linen or on Terra Skin. 

9x12 Linen with acrylic/mat medium under colour drawing with 6B graphite 

Took it home and added a few punches of colour with palette knife - better or worse???

8x10 linen with magenta acrylic colour

Started to rain so fast sketch - ws oils are not rain-friendly

Added points of colour at home using palette knife 

And at another location. 

6x8 oil on linen 

 9x12 oil on linen

And then did some on Terra Skin coated with gray gesso 

ws oil on Terra Skin - palette knife painting

9x12 oil on Terra Skin 

9x12 oil on Terra Skin 

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